Curl Expression Drying Accelerator


[DRY YOUR CURLS THE PRO WAY]: Speeds up the drying process by up to 37%* while delivering care and shine & heat protection up to 230 C/450 F*.


[HIGHLY CONCENTRATED ACTIVES]: Enriched with caring agents.


[UNIQUE EXPERIENCE]: Ring spray diffuser for evenly spread ultra fine droplets.


[CO DEVELOPED WITH CURL EXPERTS]: With 4 international curl and coil experts: Titus Magida from South Africa (, Vivi Siqueira from Brazil (@vivi_siqueira), Derick Monroe from the United States (@derickmonroe) and Elodie Euston from France (@elodieeuston).


[PRO TIPS]: Set the look by spraying the drying accelerator, 20 centimetres away from hair. *instrumental test with blowdry vs. before application


Drying accelerator leave in. Dry your curls the pro way with the new drying accelerator leave in. Enriched with caring agents to dry curls up to 37% faster* with a unique micro-dispersion spray of ultra fine droplets. Developed with 4 international curl experts.


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